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Story Work

Storytelling is the oldest form of human communication. It is a way to inspire, share values and knowledge, a way to connect with others powerfully and gain personal insights.

Stories in Organisations:

Story is a very powerful personal development tool in business. Story can transform your business, improving your decision making and communication skills. Story encourages innovative thinking and is highly motivating as it focuses on success in your team and common-values. Positive Lives offers bespoke workshops and training programmes for you and your organisation to benefit from this simple yet powerful communication and development tool, including the highly acclaimed “Story Cafe”.

We also offer team development workshops, using "story circles" to develop meaningful conversations for eg, discovering shared values, exploring and learning from critical or significant incidents, articulating and co-creating Vision.


All our organisational story projects can be evaluated, using our evaluation framework which has been formally assessed through a rigorous academic process. The evaluation framework can be adapted to suit your needs and outcomes.


Our Story Work Products

1. Story Cafes - Stories for Wellbeing:

Story Cafes are designed for staff development, and for mental health service users. Story Cafes are a relaxed, informal environment where people can listen to stories, from the traditional folk tale to contemporary stories.  Stories, with their simple format and humour, have a profound influence on how people feel about themselves. At one level, simply enjoyable; at another level, a way of gaining personal insights, connecting with others and improving social skills. Our Story Cafes are aligned with the 5 Ways to Wellbeing which we endorse and promote.

Benefits include:
  • Improves sense of Wellbeing
  • Improves social and communication skills
  • Creates social connection and strengthens community
  • Gives an experience of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing

  • Contributes to service improvement programmes

  • Builds effective teams upon shared values

2. Story Skills Training

We also offer a programme of training workshops for  leaders and managers who want to develop their communication skills to motivate others, or to improve client engagement and make service improvements (eg Personalisation, Recovery agenda). Content includes story gathering skills, story writing skills, stories for communicating vision, working strategically with stories, learning from organisational stories and storytelling ethics. Plus tools and tips from our latest publication “Story Skills for Managers: Nurturing Motivation with Teams”.

3. Team Development Workshop

We use a blend of story telling, appreciative inquiry and facilitated group discussion based on our unique “Story Cafe” model. Its aims are to develop engaged teamwork, innovative thinking, communication skills and confidence. This workshop prepares the ground for real and meaningful organisational culture change, by creating an emergent and safe space for creative ideas, reflective insights and knowledge sharing. This programme offers a way to create confidence in the team and in the future.

Benefits include:
  • Strengthening relationships and teamwork
  • Inspiring people to change
  • Supporting Culture Change by generating better buy-in
  • Promoting Knowledge-sharing
  • Stimulating open discussion about service improvements


Recovery Stories Programme: 

A 4-6 session programme of writing workshops. By sharing recovery stories we acknowledge that people in recovery are ‘experts in their own experience’, and affirm that people can and do recover.Recovery Stories inform and inspire people with experience of mental health issues whether they be service users, carers or service providers. For service providers, a recovery story project can help organisations reflect on practice and work towards service improvement.

5. Words for Wellbeing:

Words for Wellbeing is a 6-8 session creative writing programme which can be rolled out in staff development, health and adult community learning settings. Our creative writing programmes are aligned with the 5 Ways to Wellbeing which we endorse and promote. We can also deliver Words for Wellbeing as part of a Recovery College programme for mental health service users.

Benefits of “Words for Wellbeing”:
  • Improves Self-Development and Self-Esteem
  • Improves Communication Skills through Creative Writing
  • Improves Reflective Skills 


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