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Story Work FAQs

What is The Story Cafe?

The Story Cafe is a new concept of using Stories for Wellbeing - led by Power of Stories coach and story-practitioner, Lisa Rossetti. The Story Cafe is based on a simple yet profound concept, that we connect better and relate better when we listen to stories together.

What happens in a Story Cafe?

The Story Cafe offers an informal and relaxed opportunity to listen to stories, specially chosen for your group, followed by a “story circle” where we talk together about the thoughts and insights sparked by the story. On the one hand, a wonderful opportunity in busy times to relax and enjoy; on the other, a chance to process the issues, challenges and emotions of daily life in a safe way.

What are the Wellbeing benefits?

We align our Story Cafes with the 5 Ways to Wellbeing approach and have been endorsed by the Year of Health and Wellbeing (North West) project as a wellbeing provider. We are proud to be providing Story Cafes to the NHS and in Recovery settings.

What other Story Work do you do?

We provide story skills training programmes to improve communication skills, leadership skills, motivational skills, as well as helping with eg Personalisation agenda in Social Care. We also provide story-based team development workshops to encourage team-building, and sharing of common vision. Learning from stories and using stories strategically is another workshop that we can offer. We also offer a Recovery Stories programme for mental health service users who are ready to write their recovery story.

Where else is Story Work relevant?

In many organisational settings, such as carers associations, mental health teams, public sector organisations, management development, voluntary sector, for coaches and counsellors.

What is your Story Work based on?

Our story work has been developed from years of experience as a trainer in mental health and as a coach in the public sector. It draws on models such as Appreciative Inquiry and Narrative Therapy, as well as Wellbeing models such as WRAP (Copeland).

Do you offer Creative Writing as well as Story Work?

Yes! See “Words for Wellbeing” on the What We Do page.

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