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Story Skills for Leaders and Managers


How to increase your effectivesess to motivate teams

A 1-day workshop introducing basic story skills for those who manage others. Story skills complement your management development programme, encouraging confidence, build better engagement and encourage innovation.
There are many pressures on you as a manager in these challenging times. Motivating your team need not be one of them. It is clear that managers, especially those in Health & Social Care, must find new ways to increase quality, productivity and performance with less money and less people. Motivating your team to perform well together based on shared values and shared vision is the key.  Our story skills training programmes begin with a 1-day experiential workshop introducing basic story skills. We then offer a tailor-made programme, eg improving listening skills, stories and Personalisation, team-building workshops, using stories strategically.  Our story skills programmes also build strong links between participants and help them process difficult emotions and issues.

Who would benefit

Leaders, team managers, SMEs, managers wanting to improve their management skills, anyone planning a career as a manager, voluntary organisations, MBA graduates, postgraduates.


  • Improves communication skills
  • Updates and extends leadership & management styles
  • Develops ability to motivate teams
  • Develops ability to communicate vision and values
  • Promotes teamwork within managerial teams
  • Improves resilience and ability to handle difficult emotions
  • Complements your existing development programmes

Power of Stories for Highly Motivated Teams

A 1-day masterclass building on basic coaching skills. Introduces story-based techniques to ensure your team is engaged and motivated. Will benefit senior and executive managers who need to build highly effective teams.

Who would benefit

Team managers, SMEs, managers wanting to improve their coaching skills, anyone planning a career as a manager, voluntary organisations, MBA graduates, postgraduates.


  • Extends management skills
  • Develops rapport and team building skills
  • Introduces leadership competencies
  • Builds the strength of your organisational coaching pool


Team Building - From Strength to Excellence

This 1-day workshop aims to improve individual performance and teamwork. Based on Gallup Organisation’s research into strengths and talents, participants will explore their own Strengths Profile in the context of the team.

Who would benefit

SMEs, project teams, public sector teams, voluntary teams.


  • Help individuals understand their strengths and talents
  • Create action plans for talent management
  • Explore ways of working together to optimise team talent


Power of Stories for Better Communication

A 1-day workshop to improve presentation and speaking skills. Explores the skills of storytelling as a leadership competency, for increased engagement and rapport.

Who would benefit

Newly appointed leaders, managers who are stepping into a leadership role, voluntary organisations, MBA graduates, SME directors, postgraduates.


  • Develop communication skills and confidence
  • Convey your company or team vision powerfully
  • Increase employee engagement


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